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What Does a Destination Wedding in Italy Cost?

As flight tickets decrease, and it becomes easier to travel the world, destination weddings appear to become more popular. Destination weddings, as the name suggests, take place away from the couple's home country and may be in a country that is close to their hearts and has special significance for them. It’s a way to make an already-special day even more unique; not only for the bride and groom, but also for the guests.

When couples consider where to have their destination wedding, Italy is often one of the countries considered, given its beautiful landscapes and homely little villages. But what does a destination wedding in Italy cost? And what are the main concerns related to arranging a wedding in another country?

Are Destination Weddings More Expensive?

This is one of the first questions that probably pops into your mind when considering this subject, and the answer is yes: destination are more expensive, given the obvious additional transportation costs, but also because people usually want to make their wedding more special when they have it in another country. Needless to say, that wedding in a Roman villa will probably cost more than one you keep in the local community house in your own country


Do You Have to Pay for All Guests at a Destination Wedding?

Another question that’s probably next in your mind when considering a destination wedding is "Do we have to pay for all the guests flight tickets, and other transportation costs?” The answer is usually no: guests are expected to finance their own transportation to the destination of the wedding, whether it be by flight, train, or car. They are also expected to pay for their own accommodation like hotel, although it’s always nice if the couple can try to organize a discounted price, as part of the “wedding package.”


You may then wonder, “Won’t people be annoyed of the extra traveling costs?” And for some, the answer must necessarily be yes; not everyone has the financial flexibility to spend one or two extra thousand dollars to attend a wedding - and that’s fine; this is completely natural. For others, it will be a terrific opportunity to plan their holidays in an exotic or far-away country. This is why the optimal time to have your wedding is when everyone has a vacation anyway, meaning most of your intended guests will be happy to join you, not just to celebrate your wedding, but also to have a nice holiday as well.

  • photoshoot


    It's very important to have a professional photographer.

  • celebration

    Lovely ceremony

    The ceremony is the most important part of the wedding.

  • food

    Nice food

    Nice food is important, and especially local italian food.

How Much Does It Cost To Plan A Destination Wedding In Italy?

Planning a destination wedding in Italy is not cheap. But it isn't the most expensive country to get married in, either. You can find everything you need for your big day, from venues to dresses and dance lessons.


When it comes to expenses, we can give you a rough estimate, based on our calculations: You can assume that a destination wedding in Italy will cost around $30-40K. We came up with this figure after doing some research into prices of other destination weddings around the world, and looking at what goes into a wedding - including the venue, entertainment, catering, and the number of people that are invited.


Other costs that need to be accounted for include:


- Having someone to officiate your ceremony. You can find people like priests, reverends, ministers, rabbis or other religious figures who can conduct a ceremony in a church or synagogue.


- The reception site. The most expensive places in Italy for hosting a wedding are Florence and Rome - which offers an average of $40k per event (which, we know, kinda blows your budget according to our estimate about).


- Food and drinks at your wedding reception. In Italy they will usually serve pizza and pasta, but they also offer more traditional dishes such as risotto al salto, which is almost always presented with white wine from Chianti region in Tuscany.


Once you know what to expect in terms of costs, it will be easier for you to plan a destination wedding in Italy. 


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